Man Dumps His Bride On Their Wedding Day After Finding Out She Visited Her Ex last night (Video)

A Ghanaian guy abruptly called off his wedding after discovering that his future wife had visited her ex-boyfriend before the nuptials.

In Kasoa, Ghana’s Awutu Senya East Municipality, on their way to the church for the wedding ceremony, the man had changed his mind and dumped her.

A viral video on social media depicts the bride losing her mind while being comforted.

The groom, clearly furious, was seen pacing back and forth while his groomsmen continued to disagree with his choice.

Watch the video below:

Check out reactions gathered;

@officialDromo: “If a groom does same by seeing his Ex before wedding and the bride gets to know under same circumstance, would it be appropriate for the bride to act same way?”

@UcheJN“Is there any decree in Nigeria that prohibits women from leaving men that cheat on them?”

@olisaobioha: “When that happens we will confirm it. This one is the one that is happening now ok, and under no circumstances should it be tolerated. Y’all don’t seem to understand that some times it’s not the act but the reason and intention behind it that makes it unacceptable”

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